Attendance Guidelines

Excuse an Absence: When your student is going to be, or has been gone due to an illness or other family reason, please send a written excuse with your student or call the HMS office, (208) 337-5780, and leave a message excusing the absence.

Automated Phone Calls: When your student has missed one or more periods of class during a day, an automated phone call will go out to the primary phone number listed in our records. Please call the HMS office, (208) 337-5780, to excuse the absence, or with information about why the student was marked absent.

Permits to Leave: If you need to pick up your student during school hours, call the HMS office, (208) 337-5780, to request a Permit to Leave with information about when the teacher should release the student from the classroom to meet you. This only can be arranged by a parent in person, by note, or by email to an office secretary who will give the permit to your student or sent it to the classroom before it is time to leave.

Doctor Appointments: If your student has a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, or counselor appointment during school hours, please request a doctor's absence slip for your student to take to the school office upon returning later that day or the following day. Doctor absence slips also can be sent to the HMS office fax line, (208) 337-5782.

Is it important for my student to attend school every day? YES!